From Osiris Flint #49: Up and Down the Amazon!

The jungle air is thick with humidity.  And danger!  Osiris Flint, Government Man of Action!, hacks his way through the dense, viridian vegetation with a razor-sharp machete.  His blue, silk mask is sodden with sweat, and he tastes the salt of his exertion each time he licks his lips.  He wears a dark khaki safari-suit instead of his wool greatcoat.  Still, the outfit is stained a darker color on his back and under his arms.

“Curse The Bowery Boys!” he mutters as he cuts through vines as thick as his wrist. Osiris knows that his quarry are traveling by boat along the Amazon River, but he avoids getting too close to the water, fearing that he would be an easy target in the clearing at the river’s edge.  As long as he keeps the roar of moving water to his left, and as long as the loam squishes below his feet, he knows he is on the right trail.

A wet smell of rot is in the air.  There is a crack and crunch of foliage, a noise not originating from Osiris’s movements.  Lightning fast, Osiris draws his snub-nosed and spins right, towards the sound.  A large man, his shirtless, muscled skin gleams with sweat, emerges from the greenery.  The man’s long hair is pulled into a tight lock at the back of his head.  He carries an iron bar.

“I suppose you’re the welcoming committee?” Flint says with a smile.

“No need to be snarky.  Won’t do you no good either way,” The man is a whole head taller than Osiris and he raises the bar into the air, preparing to swing.

“That’s what they all say,” Osiris turns the gun in his hand, so that he is holding the barrel, and lunges at the large man.  The man brings the iron bar down hard, but Osiris is already too close to the man to be hit.  Flint strikes quickly, assaulting the man’s core with the butt of his firearm.  Having dropped the machete, Osiris flattens his free hand and, with the edge, chops at the sides of the large man’s knees.

The large man yowls in pain, drops the iron bar, and flails at Osiris to no avail.  Osiris jabs and punches at the man’s lower back, finding the man’s kidneys and nerve points.  The large man drops to his knees and Osiris lands a blow at the base of the man’s neck.  The large man’s descent continues until he is facedown on the jungle floor.  Flint pulls a pair of manacles from his safari-suit and restrains the unconscious, would-be attacker, “Goes to show: outsourcing your help is never the answer.”


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