Three Poems

Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?

Zeno wasn’t talking about money,
And my bank account is quickly approaching zero.
With an Internship that doesn’t even pay for parking,
Student loans hardly cover
I need to do something
Before I’m thrown in debtor’s prison.
Find a Job?
Good Luck.
I’d rather
Be Jeopardy’s next big winner.
“Odds and Ends” for 1200?
Let’s make it a true “Daily Double”.

Reflection on Peace Corps Service, November 2009

John F Kennedy said,
“Ask not what your country can do for you,
But what you can do for your country.”
I took my chances with alcohol…

Was surprised when the Laotian Cobra Wine didn’t blind me
(Everyone shares the same shot glass,
Dipped into the piss-yellow liquid
Filled with cloudy-eyed snakes, lizards, and insects…
The toothless vendor swore it would make us strong…)

Drank way too much Vodka with my Ukrainian Host Mother
(Watched a heart-attack victim fall
Face-first onto the table
Another man hit him on the back,
Above the heart,
The heart-attack man came to, was handed water and a cigarette,
And I never saw him again…)

At least I wasn’t the drunk man who set his own broken leg
Against a curb and then hobbled into a bar
At eight in the morning.

Whose Familial Woes?

Children whose parents are divorced
Don’t really have it any worse.
I should know.

We might even have it better.

At least our parents aren’t around each other,
Fighting all of the time.
We still have both parents,
They’re just separate.
That means twice the holidays
And guilt gifts.

What really pisses me off though?

Trying to figure out how to schedule
My life around two different schedules.
How selfish
Of my parents.
They should have thought about me
And the inconveniences the divorce would cause.


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