We Call it Ground Work.

  1. Who is Osiris Flint? By profession, he’s the United States’ Government’s Man of Action! This means that he’s a one man army who takes care of villains both foreign and domestic. Except now he’s getting old. It’s 1937 and he’s 67. His body aches and groans, it betrays him, and he has really bad tremors (it’s unclear whether the tremors are caused by his fringe alcoholism). The supplements and serums that the government has prescribed no longer seem to make much difference against the entropic effects of aging.He wears a mask to hide his identity. (He has never taken the mask off in the company of others since he first tied it on in 1894.) He lives alone in a penthouse apartment in the Upper East Side of New Amsterdam (it’s New York City, only in a slightly alternate timeline [one in which Lincoln was never assassinated]). Flint is a super hero in name only, he has no super powers… merely his keen intellect and physical prowess. He wields a revolver, but the Government forbids him to kill anyone. He dives an Indian motorcycle, a customized Scout modified with a cowcatcher on the front.
    His once impeccable and imposing physical frame is succumbing to gravity.
  2. There will also be 1894 Osiris, who is only just beginning his role as the US Gov’t Man of Action. Everything is new to him. He’s in prime physical condition thanks to his participation in the US Government’s Man Of Action Program (Although he was enrolled as a newborn, Osiris is only made aware of his participation in 1894. He’s the 1st participant in the program). He relishes the idea of wearing a mask and stopping evil. He embraces the occupation of Hero and Adventurer. He sees himself as invulnerable. Pride comes before the fall.
  3. 1937 Osiris wants out. He wants to take off the mask and walk through the streets of New Amsterdam in the daylight. He wants the life that he feels cheated out of. He wants his life peopled with more than just government agents and villains. He wants to have real friends without having to worry about their safety (He learned the perils of attachment the hard way). And though it’s impossible, and many years have gone by, he wants Cassandra back.
  4. 1894 Osiris wants to be the best he can be at his job. He wants to fulfill every task the Government gives him. He wants to save the day. He wants to save the world. He wants to fully express his love to Cassandra. He wants to find the balance between being a hero and being an average citizen.

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