A Shaky Synopsis

New Amsterdam, 1937.

For as long as he can remember, Osiris Flint has been the Man of Action: A masked hero, appointed by the US Government, to thwart the machinations of evil. He’s the first and last line of defense against all of those who would do harm to the world. Osiris Flint always saves the day.

Osiris Flint, however, is only human. He is getting old and his health is fading. He’s also tired of always having to save the day. No amount of pleading from his handler, Percy Fickleweather, is going to change his mind, but something else might.

The Smoking Gun, a new villain in New Amsterdam, doesn’t follow the rules of engagement and will stop at nothing to kill Osiris Flint. Whether Flint likes it or not, he will be called upon to don the mask and save the day one last time.

A game of cat and mouse unfolds that will involve more than just Osiris Flint and The Smoking Gun. The aging Flint will have to rely on the help of the New Amsterdam Police Department and the information of junior-reporter, Astrid Mulvaney. He will even turn to old foes in an attempt to uncover the motivations behind this new terror.

As Flint races to find a way to stop The Smoking Gun, he will uncover startling facts about his own identity: Was his life ever his own? What role does his father, a US Senator, play in his becoming the Man of Action? The closer Flint gets to the truth, the more he will have to face his past. Memories of his first assignment in Cairo in 1894, long since buried, will rush to the surface.

Flint will not only have to conquer his external foes, but also the inner demons that accompany a life lived behind a mask. And, in the end, he will discover that the hands pulling the strings belong to a nemesis he never expected.


One Response to “A Shaky Synopsis”

  1. Dr. Pizza Says:

    Who knows how close the final product will hold to this synopsis, but a boy has to start somewhere, I suppose. Also, here’s a bit that I cut out because I couldn’t figure out the appropriate place for it to go.

    “His first assignment takes him to Cairo, where he must stop a shadowy figure, known only as The Sphinx, from activating a machine with power to enslave all of humanity.
    Of course, it won’t be easy. The Sphinx will send wave after wave of henchmen at Flint, and will stop at nothing to accomplish his plan.
    Flint’s love interest, Cassandra Dardanelles, will be forced into the action as an unwilling participant. Flint will have to decide between saving the girl and saving the world. His choice will resonate with him, sending echoes up through time all the way to 1937.”

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